Exhaust Repairs

exhaust repairs

There are several factors that contribute to the wear and tear of your vehicle’s exhaust system, including your driving habits, road conditions, type of vehicle and the condition of the exhaust system parts. Your car’s exhaust system is made up of a number of parts and it is likely that certain parts of the system will deteriorate and require replacement. If you hear loud rattling noise during vehicle start-up, braking and acceleration, bring in your vehicle to M1 Motors for exhaust repair and all other car service. With more than a decade of experience in the automotive repair industry, we offer complete exhaust system repair & replacement services to our customers across Nunawading, Doncaster, Templestowe and nearby suburbs.

Signs of Exhaust Failure:

Exhaust systems are highly prone to damages caused by corrosion and external knocks & bumps. That’s why we recommend our customers to have their exhaust pipe inspected for physical damage at least once a year. When your car’s exhaust system shows any of the following signs, you should get it either repaired or replaced.

  • Louder engine noise while driving

  • Visible holes

  • Dragging or low-hanging pipe

  • Rattling or knocking sound

  • Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust

If you ignore these symptoms, it may lead to uncomfortable riding experience from additional noise, fuel consumption and excessive smoke emission higher than the accepted levels.

How Can We Help?

Your car’s exhaust system should be in good condition to get the best fuel economy and reduce the CO2 emissions. When you bring your car to M1 Motors, we carry out a visual inspection of the exhaust, catalytic converter, pipes and mountings for leaking, corrosion and physical damage. Based on its condition and extent of damage, we will advise on required services and carry out repair or replacement to keep your car running at its peak condition.

We are not just specialised in exhaust repairs but also provide replacement parts at competitive prices. If you suspect that your exhaust system needs repair or replacement, feel free to call us at 03 9873 3668! Our well trained & highly experienced mechanic can offer you the best car service & repairs including roadworthy certificatetyreslogbook serviceexhaust repairsbrake repairstyre replacement & all other mechanical repairs

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